Half Day Excursion Options

JTB Hiroshima in conjunction with the city of Hiroshima is offering a selection of special tour plans for IETF guests. The information below is a sampling of what is offered.

Miyajima Tour (11/8 (Sun.) and 11/13(Fri.) - 8,000 JPY)
Visit Itsukushima Shrine on the island of Miyajima - a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan. Fees are per person including coach and ferry transportation.

Saijo Sake Breweries Tour (11/8 (Sun.) and 11/13(Fri.) - 8,000 JPY)
Taste a wide variety of sake from the many breweries and enjoy sightseeing in the Saijo area. Fees are per person including transportation and sampling.

Other tour packages include a dinner cruise on the Seto Inland Sea (11/13 Fri. / 11,000JPY), a Hiroshima Night Walking Tour (11/9 (Mon.)/6,500 JPY - including okonomiyaki dinner and karaoke), and a half-day tour of the city taking your to Hiroshima Castle, Shukeien Garden and allowing you to experience Ikebana , the art of flower arrangement at the Nigitsu Shrine.(11/8 (Sun.) and 11/13(Fri.) - 8,500 JPY - including ikebana).

All tours have minimum participant number requirements. For further details and bookings visit the JTB overflow hotel and tour booking site.

Hiroshima Dreamination

A wonderland illuminating Peace Boulevard directly in front of the IETF venue with 1.2 million LED lights. Typically held in December, the City of Hiroshima has graciously extended this event to begin from the start of the IETF Meeting period.

Leaflet (English:PDF 1.9MB)


The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Free Admission for 76th IETF Meeting Hiroshima participants visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


During the term of the 76th IETF Meeting Hiroshima, participants will be able to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum free of charge.

1. Those exempted from the admission fee:
Participants of the 76th IETF Meeting Hiroshima

2. Period of free visit:
November 8-13, 2009 (Open everyday during this period).

3. Entry procedure:
Present your IC tag fitted name badge for the IETF upon entering the Museum.


The Hiroshima Navigator provides detailed tourist information in English, Korean and Chinese.