Network Info

The local host will provide IPv6 Internet connectivity to the venue and some of the IETF hotels. For those who still need IPv4 connectivity, we will provide IPv4 connectivity as well. The details will be announced as soon as fixed. The network provided at the venue is Wireless (802.11a/n and 802.11b/g). Wired access is provided in the terminal rooms. IETF76 network has a router in Osaka which has access to two IXs (NSPIXP-3 and JPNAP/Osaka) so that we may have dual stack peering with ISPs there. We also have a peer with SINET, a Japanese educational network, so that it can provide better connectivity with many institutions connected to R&E networks.

Wireless Network Information

ietfa/n, /b/gnonen.a.11n only in 5GHz
ietf-aa/nnonen.a.only 5GHz
ietf-v6ONLYa/n,b/gnonen.a.IPv6 only, 11n only in 5GHz
ietf.wpaa/n,b/gWPA-PSKhiroshimaJAPAN11n only in 5GHz
ietf-a.wpaa/nWPA-PSKhiroshimaJAPANonly 5GHz

Several servers useful for the attendees are as follows:

SMTP Relaysmtp-relay.meeting.ietf.orgyesyes

The network environment of the main hotel of IETF76 meeting, ANA Crowneplaza Hotel Hiroshima, as well as other IETF overflow hotels (Sun Route Hotel, Mitsui Garden Hotel, Oriental Hotel, Rihga Royal Hotel, and Hotel Granvia) are provided by IETF network in dual stack mode. The ANA hotel and Sun Route has been switched to the IETF network already, while other hotels will be switched in Nov. 7th (Saturday) 11am--2pm and Nov. 8th (Sunday) 11am--2pm. The configuration will be rolled back in Nov. 13th (Friday) 11am--2pm time frame.

Terminal Room

There are two terminal rooms in IETF76 venue, ANA Crowneplaza Hotel Hiroshima. Both are in 4F. To get access one of the terminal rooms, please use stairs north-east corner of 3F Foyer to avoid extra wait time (and reduce congestion of) elevators.

One of the terminal rooms is "Matsu", which opens 24x7 basis but it is a small room. The other terminal room is "Wedding Hall", which is located near to the stairs from 3F. It opens 8am through 8pm. They are available from Sunday noon through Friday noon ("Matsu" terminal room will be available by 3:30pm of Friday). The hotel requested us "STRICTLY ENFORCE NO-FOOD NO-DRINK POLICY" especially in "Wedding Hall" room as it is usually used for a temple in Shinto-style wedding ceremony. While it is partitioned into two, there is an altar beyond the wall. So this policy prevent you from incuring divine punishment.

In the terminal room, wireless and wired network access is provided. Help desk is available in "Wedding Hall" terminal room while it opens.

There are two IPv6-capable Ricoh IPSiO printers which accept postscript documents. They are accessible through IPv4 as well. Any letter size printing requests result in printing in A4 papers. The FQDN of the printers are printer1.meeting.ietf.org and printer2.meeting.ietf.org.

ICT Field Trials during the 76th IETF Meeting in Hiroshima

A number of field trials will be held during the 76th IETF in Hiroshima. Examples include:

Free Wireless Access

The City of Hiroshima has installed mesh based WiFi access in Heiwa Koen (Peace Park) as well as a major portion of Heiwa Odori, including the area in front of the ANA Hotel.

There are several coffee shops offering free wireless access in Hiroshima. Here is a partial listing:

  • cafe le petit trianon
  • cafe 43
  • cafe44 Quarante Quatre
  • Seattle's Best Coffee
  • cafe citron
  • cafe Chou Chou
  • Mail Box ETC